Video Insights Dashboard

Attention Flags

When the icon appears on a node it means that there is an unbalanced and/or problematic viewer distribution you might want to look into. The Insight Flag message will appear in the node summary, hover on the node for further details.

Project Tree

The tree in Insights provides an in-depth view on which choices resonated with your viewers, as well as reflecting unbalanced distribution of views. The tree will always reflect the tree structure in Eko Studio on the last Publish. When more than one Publish exists for the selected date range the project tree will reflect the later […]


The chart (graph) shows the progress of your project through time, highlighting special points of interest. The Y (vertical) axis represents the number of views. The top and middle values of the displayed range will be reflected as horizontal guide lines across the chart. The X (horizontal) axis represents the time progress for the chosen range.   […]

Filtering Data

Control the type and amount of data presented for the selected project. To view a different project in Insights, click on the project name and choose the desired project. The time chart and tree are re-drawn each time the filter settings are changed, creating a specific view for your filtering query. Date range: Choose one […]

Main Insights

The basic, most valuable information about your project at a glance. Total Views – The number of times the interactive video was played, including replays by the same viewer. Viewers – Total of unique viewers who played the interactive video. When hovering on this insight you will also get the average number of views per person. Engaged […]