In the Element Action tab you can choose which action will happen when a button is clicked.Action Tab

Button types:

  • Graphic (No Action): Allows you to include text or a graphic on the screen.
  • Select Node: Connects a node to any node in the screen (including previous nodes and itself). You can also choose when the connection will happen – at the end of the current node or right when the button is clicked, if that buttons has a sound when clicked, and set a keyboard key that will function a click in addition to the mouse click/mobile tap.
  •   External Link: Directs the viewer to a URL.
  •  Share: Shares the video with social networks.
  • Toggle Play/Pause: In case you wish to pause and play during the video.
  •  Start Video: Start playing the video – for the Start Screen only.
  •  Create New Version: Start creating new version from the beginning – for the End Screen only.

Connection Node End/On Click (for Select Node buttons only)- toggle when the connection will happen, the moment the viewer clicked the button (On Click) or only after the video segment has played through (node end).

Keyboard Control -Apply a key that will activate this buttons’ action

Default Button Sound – Decide whether the “ding” is heard or not when clicking this element

Note that there is no option to edit a Timer’s action.