To access the Publish Settings, click the small wrench icon next the Publish Manager.

When changing any of the publish settings you’ll be asked to ‘Save and Apply’ the change. Clicking this option will directly commit the change to your project and online video, if it’s published.


Basic info on Publish Settings:

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These fields determine the text that will appear on the published project link and embed.


Title – Your title is extremely important because it appears on your published page, Insights Dashboard, and all your social networks. The default title will be your project name.

Author – you can choose your own name, nickname, or client name. The default name will be your Eko username.

Description – You can give the viewer more information about your project. This text will also appear when you share your video to social networks. By default, these fields are blank.

Tags – select suggested tags or add your own to help viewers find your video. You can use as many tags as you want.


Privacy Settings:

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Choose a privacy setting to determine who can view your published project and where it can appear.


Public – anyone can watch your project.

Unlisted – sharing properties are disabled and project can’t be featured in the Eko Studio gallery.

Private – allows you to set a password to prevent others from watching your project. Private projects are always unlisted as well.


Sharing Settings:

These fields determine how your project will look when shared on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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Title – This is the title that will be visible when you share your link.

Description – This is the description of your project that will be visible when you share your link

Thumbnail – Here you can select the thumbnail that will be visible when you share your project. But clicking the blue “…” button you can browse your computer and select any photo you’d like. The default thumbnail comes from your loading screen.
Note that if you’re planning to use this post as an ad on Facebook, you should keep in mind Facebook’s design recommendations.