The chart (graph) shows the progress of your project through time, highlighting special points of interest.

The Y (vertical) axis represents the number of views.

The top and middle values of the displayed range will be reflected as horizontal guide lines across the chart.

The X (horizontal) axis represents the time progress for the chosen range.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 5.19.01 PM


To change the range directly from the chart, click the icon on the first or last data points.

The time resolution will be displayed as vertical guide lines across the chart. To switch the resolution setting between Hour, Day, Week or Month click on the bar at the bottom of the chart.

Note the project chart is a Cumulative Chart, meaning it shows a running total – adding up views as it progresses.

Hovering on each point of data will open the Summary. Use this option to view total number of viewers, views, and shares.

The  icon highlights an especially successful time point specific to the chosen date range and resolution. It will appear on the single, most viewed point on your chart. Note that changing the resolution and/or range will affect which point is highlighted.