Downloading the Uploader is a simple, three step process .Once you’ve decided to download the Uploader, an installation popup will open to guide you through, and will close automatically once the Uploader is installed on your computer.

Uploader Updates happen automatically once you’ve signed in to Eko Studio. Sometimes, it may take longer for Eko Studio to run this update, so please allow the Uploader a few seconds to sync with Eko Studio before dropping your files to the Library.

In case the update fails, a pop-up window appears, informing you that a problem occurred and offering you to manually install the latest version of the Interlude Uploader, or working on your project without it.

To Remove the Uploader

If you wish to remove the Uploader from your computer, close Eko Studio, go to your computer’s Add/Remove Programs, and uninstall the Interlude Uploader.