These are the editing options available in the node editor:

Under the elements List:

Add new button.

Add new timer – Note that all timers will reflect the same amount of time left until the end of the node. You may wish to add extra timers for visual effect.

Auto-arranges buttons & timers to default positions.

Delete element (same as Delete button on the keyboard).

Element Right-Click in the monitor:

  • Copy/Paste Style – Copy the element style and paste it on any other element.
  • Delete selected – Works the same as the ‘Delete’ key.
  • Save as Preset – When right clicking on an empty space in the monitor you can choose to save the entire node as a Design Preset.

Setting tabs: Action, Style, and Transform settings.

Tip: To edit multiple elements together, simply select all the elements by dragging a box over them or shift-clicking.