The video monitor in the Node Editor enables you to preview the node and control when the buttons and timer will appear and disappear. The fade in and fade out effect needles mark where the elements start to fade in and where the fade out effect starts.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.44.14 PM


Appear & Disappear Effects

You can determine when buttons appear in the video and how quickly they fade in. To adjust the effect type go to the Project Settings panel and switch on the Element Effects. To help make your buttons/timer appear and disappear exactly when you want them, use the red placeholder and move the start-fade end-fade controllers at the bottom.

Critical Time

The critical time is the last 2.5 seconds of any node. You cannot feature a choice at this time, so the interactive elements become inactive in this section of the node. Meaning they are visible, but cannot be clicked on by the viewer.

Time for Selection

It’s important to make sure your viewers have the time to read what the buttons say and make their choice, so keep in mind that when using the fade in/out effect the elements take 0.6 seconds to appear and disappear.