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This holiday video features Mr. Claus himself, trying to play a game of Hide and Seek on the streets of New York. At a high level, viewers have to complete each sequential challenge (i.e., finding Santa) before they can continue the experience. The tutorial demonstrates how to make transparent buttons, use the 'Connect on Click' setting, and of course, Auto-Selection.
In this tutorial, learn how to work with a Menu Layer in Treehouse. This features creates an always-visible set of elements, letting your viewers jump anywhere in the video – just like a menu in a website. As a bonus, you get to see our latest project, Cupcake Adventure, where you discover how to make your perfect cupcake.
Watch and learn as two things get beautified: Treehouse's Design Presets and Gay Pride's Queen of 2014. This tutorial teaches you how to make, use, export and import Design Presets.
In this tutorial, learn how to use Treehouse's Parallel Videos, allowing users to switch between several videos in real-time. Watch the interactive video to switch between different elevator carriages to learn how one couple really feels about each other.
In this tutorial, learn our best practices for editing and shooting your interactive videos to ensure seamlessness. As an added bonus, you can wish your mother a very special and personal Happy Mother's Day. Shouldn't every day be Mother's Day?!
What do you see? In this interactive video, take a personal Rorschach test and learn what it says about you. This is a great model for learning how to build a simple tree, and incorporating alternative intros into your project.
Get your fortune told! In addition to learning the future, you will also learn how to use randomization creatively and how to integrate basic loops into your video. All of this is easily done adjusting the Auto-Selection and 'Connect on Click' settings.